Relationship-based WhatsApp marketing

Whatsappier delivers a solid business messaging platform that empowers you to easily engage with your customers through WhatsApp, at scale.

WhatsApp business messaging at scale

Create and launch instantly fast marketing campaigns to grow your audience, sell more stuff, and build your brand.

Deliver and convert

Create personalised WhatsApp campaigns

Create messaging campaigns that help you reach your audience through WhatsApp.

Broadcast to your audience

Whatsappier makes sure that your message gets delivered at the right time and the right place.

Add automated WhatsApp messaging

Our APIs allow you to integrate with your back office and apps you already use.

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We make it easy to create and run marketing campaigns to grow your audience, sell more stuff, and build your brand. Sign up now and start growing your business with WhatsApp

This is how it works

up in <2 minutes

  • Sign up for a trial
    -> demo number is available;
  • Send a test message
    -> to experience the speed;
  • Add some contacts
    -> a trial allows up to 5 contacts;
  • Create a test campaign
    -> personalize your message;
  • Send it into the world
    -> Experience blazing fast delivery;

Volume pricing

The total price of a Whatsappier subscription is a combination of the plan and the volume of contacts that exist in your account

Success Stories

“We’re now finally able to notify our customers through Whatsapp.”

Tim Chihoro

Head of Marketing, Soccer24

“WhatsApp is a very personal channel where you chat with your mother and your partner and your football team, and I honestly didn’t think people would want a brand anywhere near that”

“Turns out that people love having news ‘delivered’ to them without having to actively search for it, or install a separate app.”

Kelly Becker

Product Manager, Frank

“Whatsappier allows us to keep our customers updated with account updates via WhatsApp using their easy-to-use API. Just great!”

Gary Hopkins

Head of Marketing, Slick Themes


    Please find below the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

How does the free trial work?

Within the free trial you can play around and send both SMS and Whatsapp messages, create campaigns and test the APIs through the ready to use demo number. Please note that in your trial account you can only send messages to up to 5 contacts. After you upgraded to a paid plan this limitation will be removed.

How long will it take to connect my own requested number?

Once you’ve upgraded to a paid plan. You can submit your number. We connect your WhatsApp (Business) number typically within 2 hours within regular business hours.

How can I prevent a number block?

Numbers can get blocked by Whatsapp. In 99% of the times a number get blocked by their algorithms. Mostly this is caused by people sending unsolicited messages with improper content to too many people in a short time frame. Use a solid opt-in process to prevent to get marked as spam, which can lead to a ban or number block. Request the white paper by one of our representatives to make sure your number won’t get blocked.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you have a trial subscription and you’re within the trial period, then you may cancel at any time up to 24 hours before the end of the trial period, and you will not be charged. Cancelling a paid account will still allow you to have full access to all features until the end of the current billing period. After this, will no longer be charged.

What's your support opening hours?

Our support team is available during regular working hours. We’re happy to assist you to get started. And to support you. We’re available through Whatsapp (bottom right button), through email ‘support at’ and phone (paid plans only).

Does Whatsappier offer an API ?

Yes, Whatsappier has an api including sending outbound messages and subscribing contacts to your lists.

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